They trust us

We are happy to count them among our customers. Here are a few of them.

Custom Software Development

Dootix is not a web agency, we do not develop websites.
We are specialized in the development of customized applications for companies.
Our mission is to improve the management of your business with a digital tool that meets your needs.

Automate your tasks

The customized software suits your needs and your way of working. Thanks to this software, we will automate your unnecessary tasks. Done with multiple entries or unnecessary copy-paste. Tasks without added value are digitized.

More time to focus on your customers

Thanks to a tailor-made software, you do not waste time on tasks with no added value anymore. This gives you more time to focus on your real work and your customers.

Improve the work of employees

The software does not replace the human but supports him on a daily basis. Unnecessary tasks are digitized in order to use human skills where they are really needed.

ROI and competitive advantage

Having a customized software for your business is a quickly profitable investment that will also give you a head start on your competitors who are still performing these tasks manually.

Our assets

Software development

We are experts in software development. Whether it is management application, ERP, CRM, database or mobile app, we develop the software that meets your needs and expectations.

Open Source

We are advocates and members of the open source community. With us, no expensive proprietary solutions. Relying on open source guarantees both quality and higher availability of services while saving expensive license fees.

Agile Project Management

We are managing projects with a maximum of interaction and collaboration with our clients. A great agility and short iterations allow us to adapt quickly to the evolutions of the project. The features are prioritized in order to bring a high added value to the software.

User experience

Build an intuitive experience is at the core of our business. Design, ergonomics, features and user interface, nothing is left behind in the interface of our applications.


Cost reduction

We are committed to developing software for fair prices. Thanks to our Agile project management method and the use of open source, the costs are under control and there are no surprise.


Your project becomes our concern and we aspire to accompany you as long as you need it. Whether developing new features or enhancing existing ones, we are building a sustainable partnership.